A disc problem can occur for many reasons. In some cases a disc bulge or herniation can be seen following trauma such as a road traffic accident or an injury from a fall. More often however they occur gradually over time as a result of advancing aging, poor posture or a compensation. Wear and tear on the circle of connective tissue causes it to weaken and allows the soft jelly-like core to swell and bulge out. This can be due to very hard physical labour over a prolonged period of time or a lot of repetitive poor movement and posture


One or more of the following can be present: 

  • Pain and numbness, most commonly on one side of the body that extends to your arms or legs
  • Muscle weakness into the affected arm or leg
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness into one or both sides of the legs, feet or arms. 
  • In severe cases, inability to find comfort even lying down.
  • Pain when walking short distances.
  • In advanced cases bowel or bladder changes and/or numbness in the groin can be experienced. In these cases we always advise that you seek medical attention. 


Treatments for a herniated disc can range from physical care including Chiropractic, to anti-inflammatory medication and ice, to cortisone injection and surgery. Back surgery is a very invasive procedure and not always totally successful in correcting the problem, therefore we always advice that you investigate your options first. If you think you might have a disc bulge or herniation we can offer you an examination to establish if Chiropractic treatment might be beneficial to you. We know that often you are in a lot of pain and find it difficult to move around. So where possible we adapt our assessment to prevent aggravating your symptoms. Where appropriate we will offer you treatment. This is often a combination of soft tissue release techniques along with spinal manipulation or mobilisation.

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