Don’t Ignore Back Pain.

New consumer research from the British Chiropractic Association shows that 71% of those suffering with back pain have been doing so for up to 10 years but, amazingly, many admit to not taking proactive measures to take care of their backs. The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) is encouraging people to practice greater self-care and incorporate […]

OCTOBER -Walk to School Month!

October is International Walk to School Month. Primary school pupils from across the UK join forces with children in more than 40 countries worldwide to celebrate the benefits of walking to school. A generation ago more than 70% of primary-aged children walked to school. Today that rate is less than 46%. Living Streets, the charity behind […]

School Bags and Posture

Children are back for a new term and we are encouraging parents across the country to check their children’s posture, as well as the design and contents of their school bag  to help prevent school children suffering from back and neck pain. According to research(1), over a third (33%) of parents say that their child […]

Is Golf your Game?

Golf, a game enjoyed by millions across the world, played well by some, poorly by others. It’s a fantastic form of exercise, especially if you forgo the golf cart, and can be a great way to relive stress.  However, one thing that unites all golfers is that desire to get back on to the course for that […]

Have you got the Tennis Bug?

Has this years Wimbledon given you the tennis bug?                               We are well into summer and schools are starting to break for the holidays. At Shires Chiropractic Clinic summer means longer days, warmer weather and getting active outdoors. Tennis is a […]

6 Tips to Avoid Back Pain During Festival Fun

Great music, alternative food and marathon dancing, festivals can be a great day out or exciting weekend camping. Appealing to the young and old, music for everyone . If a festival is on your agenda for this summer, it is important to take care of your back so you can maximise the fun. Whether just […]

Active Ageing and Chiropractic Care.

The great thing about chiropractic care is that it can be used throughout a persons life. The techniques that we use vary for each individual and can be greatly adapted from one patient to the next. Ageing is a normal process and as we get older our joints start to show signs of wear. The amount that the […]

Chiropractic Awareness Week 2015 – Great Gardening!

Chiropractic Awareness Week and National Gardening Week fall on the same 5 days this year! So it seems appropriate that as the sun shines on that we share with you some tips to avoiding back pain during your green fingered tasks. WARM UP: Gardening is like any other exercise, it raises your heart beat and puts strain […]

Is Sitting the New Smoking!?

We all do it and probably more that we realise. Catching up on work, get into a good book, TV programme, searching the web or taking a long drive… Sitting, sitting, SITTING! Even if you are active about your health and exercise regularly it seem that active people sit just as much as their couch […]

Remember Your Posture In The Kitchen

Shrove Tuesday saw most of the UK taking to their kitchens to whisk, mix, flip and fold millions of pancakes. The kitchen is the heart of every home but beware of damaging your back! Bending and stretching from cupboard to cupboard, lifting utensils and heavy equipment, standing for sustained periods of time preparing food and […]