According to the NHS more than 10 million people in the UK suffer with regular headaches, impacting on lost days at work along with having a negative impact on your physical and mental wellbeing!

If you experience headaches on a regular basis, with symptoms similar to a feeling of a tight band around your forehead, neck tension is very likely to be playing a part. While there are many other causes that can be the trigger, many headaches actually come from the neck. These are called tension headaches and are caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck

Neck tension causing mild, moderate or intensely painful headaches can be caused by anything from sitting at a computer for a long time to looking down at your phone or driving long distances and stress.                                                                 

Do you find yourself reaching for the painkillers more and more often to cope with the headaches, When used sparingly, painkillers can offer short-term relief. However, they mask the pain and don’t target the cause of your symptoms. It might be time to get an assessment carried out to find out the cause of your headaches.


As part of a Chiropractic Consultation we will examine the vertebrae in your neck to assess it’s movement and find any areas of pain or restriction. We will also analyse your posture to identify any causes of the reduced range of movement or tightness to the muscles, We will also recommend changes you can easily adopt in your everyday life, such as better sleeping positions and work postures. 

Learning ways to cope with stressful situations more effectively so that they do not bring on tightened neck muscles and a headache can also be very beneficial. For example, you might take breaks more often and get regular exercise to refresh yourself and keep your spine moving everyday. 

Whether you have the occasional splitting headache or a chronic problem, neck tension doesn’t have to keep you trapped in a cycle of headaches and painkillers or stop you from concentrating and feeling free of pain. Give us a call on 01600 890 282 to find out more or book in online HERE