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  • Shires Chiropractic Clinic

    Based in the heart of the Wye Valley

Welcome to Shires Chiropractic Clinic. We are based in Symonds Yat West, in the Wye Valley, South Herefordshire.

About the Chiropractic Clinic

Although Chiropractors are better known for the treatment of the spine, and mainly lower back and neck pain, we can also help with other areas of the body. At Shires Chiropractic Clinic we particularly emphasise the importance on the position of your lower extremities (feet, ankles, knees and hips) and the effect that errors here have on the rest of the body, and especially in spinal alignment.

Chiropractic Treatment

We offer Chiropractic treatment to the whole family.  Our treatment is suitable for many types of nerve, joint or muscle problems. From sports injuries, to posture issues or age related pain and discomfort. We focus on treating the body as a whole and address all areas of the muscular and skeletal system   Our aim is to provide the very best in Chiropractic treatment tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

How to find the clinic

Shires Chiropractic Clinic is located in Symonds Yat West in South Herefordshire, close to the borders of Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire. The Clinic is based at Martins Grove Business Park just one mile off the A40, between Ross on Wye and Monmouth, in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  We offer onsite free parking and ground floor access.